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San Francisco

An ever-growing archive of stories about San Francisco's special places as told by the people who love them.

Snapshots: SF

Organ, St. Thomas the Apostle Church | Joseph M. Colombo

Cait M.


Organ Story

Joseph M. Colombo is a New England-born, San Francisco-based composer and noise maker. He has written music for orchestras, chamber ensembles, electronics, stage, film, installations, and everything in between. He has worked with a slew of individual performers and ensembles, including but not limited to the Kronos Quartet, The Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, the Orlando Philharmonic, the Mobius Trio, the Living Earth Show, Areon Flutes, Regina Schaffer, Justin Dougherty, Friction Quartet,  Juventas New Musical Ensemble, and many more. His work has a vibrant energy, often exhibiting a strong rhythmic drive. He is a founding member of the Fifth Floor Collective and Prodigal Opera Productions.